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Anyone who has dealt with the preparation of sites is almost always looking for quick, easy and convenient CMS. Well, in the beginning has tried to make himself "skeleton", some of this, little of that, but eventually always reached the processing of hot water is already open. The use of validated design eliminates most of the time spent wandering, searching for an optimal code, eliminating the errors.


So now comes with a selection of CMS. In web-space has many - Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHPNuke, etc. Everyone likes something, try it. If his appeal - using, looking for other options. To tell you honestly, I had about 2-3 hours, until around the basic setup options. Installation went smoothly without any complications, timeout-s in an attempt to "fill" MAIN. DB. I started to think that such an API, multiple modules, themes and suchlike dishes make a great secondary site after filling in content-based and maybe only make or mod-tion / the appropriate topic.

Webportal for preview and font ordering


Project Title: Fontfabric Ecommerce

Site for proffessional golf player -


Project Title: Jesse Abshire

Soins Dentaires ... a french dental site

Project Title: France Dental Portal

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