DragnFlyBSD after installing several gtk2 apps have no icons

After installing several gtk20 related apps /transmission-gtk, audacious ..etc/ I noticed that I have no icons on the buttons/menus.

If that happens to you, just run:

portmaster misc/gnome-icon-theme


And thats it.

DragonFlyBSD hide processes not owned by current user

By default, a user can see information about processes, which are not owned by him. There are alot of articles, defining that as a security hole. In FreeBSD there are alot of giudes, describing how to do that.

That is how you can do it in DragonFlyBSD:

CA certificates on NetBSD

Using SSL-aware programs which expect a CA certificate path on NetBSD (such as cURL, Git or Wget) without installing CA certificates will result in the following SSL certificate error messages.

Lets say we wanna clone vimmer on a fresh NetBSD install:

git clone https://github.com/mlinuxgada/vimmer.git
Cloning into 'vimmer'...
fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/mlinuxgada/vimmer.git/': SSL certificate problem: unable to get ...


How to remove the “AMD Testing use only” watermark?

Just installled the latest ati-dirver 13.6_beta:1 , with kernel 3.10.1, and had that annoying watermark, saying 'Testing use only'.

The way you can get rid of that is to put :




In /etc/ati/sginature file.

And restart the X server of course ;-).


When to refactor

As a die hard refactorer, but also pragmatic programmer, I often have a tough time articulating to other developers when a refactor is important and when it is gratuitous. I can imagine many people look at decisions I've made about when it is and isn't appropriate and think it's simply a whim or "when I feel like it". To clarify this for both myself and any future victims/co workers involved with refactoring decisions I may make, I submit this 10 item checklist.

Simple authentication via email

Hi guys. Just wandering about the possible webapp auth methods - and they are plenty ;-). Everyone uses keys, hash algorythm, 2 step auth processing ... But the question remains - the user pass is present in the server db structure. Yes, its crypted, yes, its 99.99% secure .. But if an attacker gains access to it, there is a little possibility to gain access to it

But what if we dont have to use passwords ;-). See, if you have new pass every time you login ?

DragonflyBSD as router with PPPoE external connection

Hi guys,

Recently I've migrated my home router from Arch to DragonflyBSD. I'm gonna explain the steps, which will allow you to make an existing DFBSD install into router, specially using pppoe conn for external wan.

So , lets assume we have an already installed DfBSD box, with bge0 as lan interface, and fxp0 as external, wan net interface. Also we have a pppoe acc, with username/password, and servicename=servicename.

First, we need to setup the internal, lan interface, aka bge0. We put these lines into the /etc/rc.conf file:

Several really bad advices

Just a little collection of really bad advices for a CS/IT speciallist ...

DragonflyBSD first impressions

Everyone has heard about the BSD, most of us are familiar with FreeBSD, even if never worked with it. Its the unknow giant, among the free os-es. OpenBSD is famous for its security, NetBSD - for portability.

But what about the other BSDs? And particularly, the DragonflyBSD.

First, there is too little info about that BSD clone. Its actually a FreeBSD old version clone. I've found it while searching for open os-es with hybrid kernel.

How to decrease memory usage in Firefox

Firefox is using too much meory ? Do the following:

  • Type about:config in the Firefox address bar.
  • Search for browser.sessionhistory.max_entries.
  • Edit 50, change it to 5 for instance, must be ok.


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