Howto display currently used db name into mysql command prompt

For people like me, who uses mysql command prompt every day, knowing exaclty what db is currently in use  is sometimes crucial. Dealing with one or two is not a problem, but constantly switching between 15-20  ... Well thats another situation.

So if you wanna know exactly at any time which db is used, without to write every time "select database()" you can do the following:
 1. Set the MYSQL_PS1 environment variable, in your .bashrc file like:

         export MYSQL_PS1="mysql (\d)> "

Geany and sshfs issues on *BSD

Recently I've managed to install PCBSD on my workstation. Installed sshfs , mounted remote dirs and began to edit. At saving there was a surprise - everything just crashed. Just editing an file in the sshfs mounted dir and all system froze. When using Netbeans there was no such problem!

After some googling I found that there is a specific config lines into ~/.config/geany/geany.conf file. Here they are:


Latest version of sys-apps/shadow-4.1.5-r2 - uprade it if you wanna break your box

Hi all,

Yesterday tried to upgrade my funtoo box. The core package, sys-apps/shadow was upped at its current rev - sys-apps/shadow-4.1.5-r2 ... And the problems began.

First of all, no etc-update nor dispatch-conf helped in any way. The package was probably too buggy (or something like). Masked to the previous STABLE/WORKING version in /etc/portag/package.mask as follows:


and everything was quite ok after system rebuild.

Best Practices of Code Commenting & Formatting

Code commenting and formatting are all about code understandability. Code understandability is very relevant to code maintainability. So, small details about programming may help maintainability. In this context, some practices about commenting and formatting will be told here:

Javascript - bring back the joy

I’m probably a bit biased – being a front-end web developer for a few years will do that – but I really enjoy writing Javascript. I’ve recently retreated from pure coding the last few months, but I got an opportunity this past week to jump back into some tasks, and it has reminded me how fun it is to dive into our[1] front-end codebase.

A vision of a different social networking

 Every knows so-called social networks - facebook, google plus, various microblogging platforms, etc. What is the general principle that follows here: the user only invite people he already knows, or acquaintances of his acquaintances. А true model of relationships in the real world. What attracts users to be in social networks - with its simplicity, in that it is current relational model. The way we communicate, learn about new people. Your real friends are new friends of your friends ;-). What is the "social" here - in this case connecting  with people who you already know!

Howto setup python OpenCL mining setup on Debian based system

We suppose, that the latest bitcoin version is 0.3.22. First of all, install binary driver for your video cards, there are many howto's in internet both for ati and nvidia.

So the steps are as follows:

Wanna add the Google +1 button to your web pages - here is brief howto

Howto add the button to your web pages:

Step 1: Place this tag in the web page head or just before the close body tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Step 2: Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render:

Ballmer is correct - Windows 8 is make-or-break for Microsoft

The upcoming 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows, which Microsoftologists have taken to calling Windows 8 because Redmond has yet to announce an official name, has been appearing here and there and getting some press in the process. Microsoft has made a few statements, demonstrated early version of the OS, and some alpha code has even escaped into the wild. And the image that’s emerging is of Windows 8 as Microsoft’s take on the mobile transition, with the new OS running on everything from smart phones to server clusters.

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