Lady Gaga - Paparazzi Live Acoustic - Unbelievable

Unbelievable interpretation of the originall paparazzi, acoustic version ...

Howto GET THE MOST of PPC services

Before you start your next Pay-Per-Click or keyword campaign, you had better get a good understanding of what to do and what not to do or you will spend far more money than you intended and your ROI (rate on investment) will not be good. Having a good understanding of how pay-per-click advertising works can help drive targeted traffic to your website and increase your bottom line.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is quickly becoming the fastest and most effective way to reach the top search engine rankings for given key words and phrases. The concept is simple – we pay or bid competitively, for the placement within each search phrase.

While many of the search engines still have free inclusion, this does not always guarantee top placement. Keyword saturation and search engine optimization or the purposeful use of the keywords often within the website content, is also an unpredictable and often unsuccessful method of gaining ranking.

PPC ads are similar to typical ads within Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP’s), but they are above free listings often labeled “Sponsored Sites.” While some offer image or banner advertising in the same auction manner, most PPC ad services focus on text ads with a website URL and brief description of what the site offers.

Flash Forward ... America's breaking series

Promising, dramatic, meaningful story with a remarkable, unlike most recent spew series, movies, etc.

Idea: for 2 minutes and 17 seconds all people worldwide fall into unconsciousness. Then everyone remembers things that are not actually happen - a woman sees her child echography, provided that it is not pregnant, not even having a boyfriend at the moment. Protagonist realizes that it is started to drink, and his wife - that is a man who does not even know ..

I leave you to watch the trailer, he talks more than anything.

Midori browser ... new, lightweight, fast

In one of my previous post I've described kazehakase, based on gecko engine. The most famous browser, based on gecko is probably Fireeefox.

So, now I'm talking for midori - webkit based browser, and here I have to say, that webkit is survivor of KHTML /used in Konqueror/. As any browser at its start Midori os light, fast and very optimised. We used several tests like -time 120-131ms, acid3 benchmark - 100/100!

Simple interface, GTK+ 2 based/little ugly in my opinion/, several buttons/standart Back, Forward and Refresh/ and of course url field.

Midori means "green" in japan. Green at its start, but with great future I think.

At the end I'll give you some basic features:


  • full integration with GTK+ 2
  • fast rendering thanks to  WebKit rendering engine
  • tabs and session management
  • user scripts and user styles support
  • extension modules can be written in C


Change startup location Wow Battlegrond Server

wotlkIn the next series will describe how to change startup location-a, or in other words, the starting area when creating a new account in Wow.

The purpose of Battleground server-s in general is an emphasis on the PVP portion of the game, lifting the lvl in most cases the background, not to mention that almost all of them to enter directly to the 80th lvl.

First we need the coordinates, so stand where we want to be starting zone write .gps and get the data drawn map, zone, and the coordinates X, Y, Z. Below I have made a SQL querry example, the coordinates are for Shattrath.

You can use phpMyadmin or any other instrument for the administration of MYSQL, enter the base mangos, and here is the sql query:


UPDATE `playercreateinfo`  SET map =530,
zone =3703,
position_x = - 1874.457886,
position_y = 5424.947266,
position_z = - 10.463559;

After all you have to restart the server.


Doom 3 ... through CD-KEY registration

Here's a video illustrating how to go through the registration, or how to enter without cd-key to play this cult game. I am convinced that most of you know this trick, but still lean ...

Ten reasons why Linux is the best choice for netbooks

Those who believe Windows is the best netbook operating system are plain wrong, because Linux is a much better fit, says Jack Wallen.

I have read countless Microsoft-funded studies that try to persuade me Windows is already dominant for netbooks. According to these studies, Linux might as well just take a curtain call because its netbook act is over.

But that picture is simply not true. If it were, Asus would not be selling netbooks with Linux preinstalled.

Cisco Routers Powered By Linux

At the heart of many Cisco enterprise routers is its IOS operating system. When it comes to small business, however, Cisco isn't pushing IOS, which it developed itself -- instead, the networking giant is new small business router is powered by Linux.

Cisco today announced a new set of small business networking products including the SA 500-series security appliances, designed to provide unified threat management (UTM) capabilities. The SA 500-series routers provide the usual UTM combination of features including firewall, VPN, antispam, URL filtering and antivirus capabilities.

The new routers are not intended to compete against Cisco's enterprise class routers and are being specifically geared for the need of small-business users with less complexity and easier setup.

The dilema of two OS ...

Linux vs Windows - dispute, always alive, always up to date, and quite useless. Prior is quite fun for me reading these publications to people sitting mostly to heckle languages, rather than sit and do something useful ...

So very interesting to me is not how what is said will be used to claim what is better? Let's look at real life - if an architect, designer ... gamer wants or workstation is better to choose Windows or Mac. If someone wants to make hosting, network solutions of all kinds, something you do not have to reboot every other day right thing is to look at Linux, * BSD ...Evtini / do almost all free /, stable, reliable, proven .

My thought here is the following - to the needs/requirements is selected OS, not because of "fanaticism, prejudice, opinion, etc. planted Especially now, when the reality is changing very rapidly, decisions briliant today are obsolete tomorrow, uncertain, slow and inefficient. Overall supply of two concepts - open source and $$Soft OS is was the beginning of the war. But all, a Linux fan would you say "Try Linux, if you like it - enjoy it". While on the other hand, just the presentation, development / sluggish, sustained periods of time, large/ product is the principle - Pay and then use!

Elive news

Samuel Baggen has announced the availability of Elive 1.9.42 "Compiz" edition, an updated development build of the Debian-based distribution focusing on tweaking Enlightenment 17 into an efficient and usable desktop: "The Elive team is proud to announce the release of Elive development version 1.9.42 (Compiz)." New features in this release: "3g-dialer - if you want to connect to the Internet from your 3G/HDSPA modem, you can use the 3g-dialer (it even supports PIN code); Thunar - more features have been added, specially for images and audio files, using right-click with a mouse; SSH - using SSH will allow you to have direct access to Enlightenment remote features (if the remote user is also running E17); aMSN - new chat sessions won't open in separate windows; slamr - the bug seems to have been fixed; Linux kernel version (revision 41)."

Originally posted on distrowatch.

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