Google Search Tricks, Tips and Hints

"Even though I work in the search engine space I have a lot of the same bad search habits that most people have. I expect Google to know that when I type in [Wedding Band] it should know whether I’m looking for jewelry or musicians. With that in mind I’m going to provide some tips to help you use Google to find things faster and quicker. You can find many of these tips on Google’s website or other sites, however what I’m going to do is show you how to use some of these special queries to get better results. We’ll start off with the basics and move on to more complex queries.

Basic Searches

[blue widgets] Finds pages with the words blue and/or widgets on them, in the title, or used in the anchor text to link the page. Words may not be near each other (this is known as proximity).1, 2

["blue widgets"] Finds pages with the words blue and widgets on them, in the title, or used in the anchor text to link the page. The words must be next to each other and in the exact same order. This type of query is known as an exact phrase match.

Today's job interview ... or how to get hired

Today I went on an interview, applying for a job. Here are some usefull tips about howto showcase your qualifications to an employer.

rTorrent ... the fast and reliable torrent client

rtorrent is a very simple, elegant and ultra-light bittorent client. It is written in C++ and uses ncurses, so it is completely text based and runs entirely in a console. rTorrent is ideal for low-end systems and with the addition of GNU Screen and openssh it is convenient as a remote bittorrent client.

It's very stable oand configurable. For specifying options first of all you have to make .rtorremt.rc options file into your home dir.

Here is an example of my config file:

directory = /Data
session = /home/mlinuxgada/.session/
check_hash = no
use_udp_trackers = yes
schedule = ratio,60,60,stop_on_ratio=500,200M,2000
port_range = 49164-49164
encryption = allow_incoming,try_outgoing,enable_retry


You have to make the session dir - .session where sessions are stored.

Specifying port is easy. The option will set what port to use for listening. It is recommended to use a port that is higher than 49152. rTorrent allows the use of a single port rather than a range; a single port rather than an actual range is recommended. -> port_range = 49164-49164

The last option allows for the enabling of encryption. This is very important to enable, if not for yourself, but for others in the torrent swarm; people might need to obscure their bandwidth usage from their ISP ;-).

Have a nice time using rtorrent.

How google sees your site

Google sees your blog through it’s crawlers – you knew it ! But there are differences in how a human visitor sees your site and a crawler like Google. Which is why it’s important for you to optimize your wordpress/blogger blog so that crawlers see what they want and humans too.Neither one should miss a point.

So the questions are

  • How does a crawler see your blog?
  • What are the things that a crawler looks for in a website?
  • What are the things that it tags your blog with?
  • What are the things that it’s not supposed to see?

Let’s see. Firstly, let me introduce you to a handy tool that helps you do this task. It’s called the Poodle Predictor. It shows you whichever site you want in diagnostic mode as Google spider sees it. It’s also called the spider simulation test.

Ideas for Business in the Internet

I understand that you can do many things from the comfort of your own home when it comes to making money. However in this article we want to concentrate on 3 home business ideas that revolve around using your computer and Internet access.

1. Create residual income through network marketing opportunities. Today you can build a worldwide business from home and never leave your front door.

In the past you would have to conduct meetings around kitchen tables or in front of groups to build an income in multilevel marketing. Today hardly anybody builds their business that way.

Network marketing ties in beautifully with social networking which is extremely popular today. Almost everyone is familiar with Twitter and Facebook. Social networking has made the Internet a smaller place which is a good thing.

Network marketing is all about sharing your products and business opportunity with people and social networking helps make this easier to do. For this reason we feel that network marketing and creating a residual income is a great home business idea.

2. Sell information products on the Internet through affiliate marketing programs. People come on the Internet every day looking for information regarding something.

This makes it possible for you to capitalize on this by selling digital products that would provide the information they are looking for. Often times if you can solve a problem or answer a question there is a potential for you to make money doing it.

Debian GNU/Linux on МАС G4

A few weeks ago one of my Aver said that MAS has a G4. It is nothing special, about 400Mhz with MacOSX9 something. So anyway, I mentioned to him that I could Put one Linux as an alternative to the current OS. Agreed to be surprisingly fast. Apparently Did not like it was action. After working with Apsis Stiliys and I got together to "tamable" iron. Try Ubuntu, something more crash setup. Then naturally suggested Debian GNU / Linux as a secure and stable OS. Everything went OK, having napredvid that at least for the first time I touch and operate on similar hardware. Let's see if tomorrow morning and Lino will like it. PS: So I sleep at the moment, barely write.

Secure ftp server under Gentoo ... some impressions from vsftpd

Here you will describe installing and configuring vsftpd server under Gentoo. There are many reasons to choose options with virtual users. No matter what the reasons are, here's how I realized I did ...

# Install vsftpd and pam module
   emerge vsftpd pam_pwdfile

To say that we have a server with multiple sites hostnati it. In this example we'll assume is the way to the sites / var/www/site1 etc. Each user should have access only to a particular site.
It should set up password file for users. You can use htpasswd tool that comes with Apache, but limit it to an 8 character password.

# Create the first one,-c is to create optsiyate
  mkdir / etc / vsftpd
  htpasswd-c / etc / vsftpd / passwd bob

# Each user is added only non-c
  htpasswd / etc / vsftpd / passwd ivan

# A few things required
  vim / etc / vsftpd.conf
listen = YES
  anonymous_enable = NO
  local_enable = YES
  virtual_use_local_privs = YES
  write_enable = YES
  connect_from_port_20 = YES
  secure_chroot_dir = / var / run / vsftpd
  pam_service_name = vsftpd
  guest_enable = YES
  user_sub_token = $ USER
  local_root = / var / www / $ USER
  chroot_local_user = YES
  hide_ids = YES

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