When to refactor

As a die hard refactorer, but also pragmatic programmer, I often have a tough time articulating to other developers when a refactor is important and when it is gratuitous. I can imagine many people look at decisions I've made about when it is and isn't appropriate and think it's simply a whim or "when I feel like it". To clarify this for both myself and any future victims/co workers involved with refactoring decisions I may make, I submit this 10 item checklist.

  •     Is the cyclomatic complexity of the function below 5?
  •     Did you completely understand what cyclomatic complexity was without following that link?
  •     Do you have an automated test or documented test case for every path through the function?
  •     Do all of the existing test cases pass?
  •     Can you explain the function and all it's edge cases to me in less than 1 minute?
  •     If not, how about 5 minutes?
  •     10 minutes?
  •     Are there fewer than 100 lines of code in the function (including comments)?
  •     Can you find two other developers who agree this code is error free just by visual inspection?
  •     Is this function used in only one place?
  •     Does the function meet it's performance goals (Time/Memory/CPU)?

Add up the "no" answers above:

  •     0-1 - Why would you even think about refactoring this? You probably just want to rename variables because you don't like the previous developer's naming convention
  •     2-5 - This might need a little tweaking, but I wouldn't hold up a production release for something in this range
  •     6-8 - OK, we probably need to fix this... It's likely we're going to keep revisiting this and/or we don't actually know what it's doing. Still on the fence, but it's highly suspect
  •     9+ - This is a prime candidate for refactoring. (Note, writing test cases is a form of refactoring)

While I know this is a rough guideline, I think it hits on the key factors that are important about the overall quality of source code and helps avoid overspending effort fixing things that aren't necessarily broken.

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