Several really bad advices

Just a little collection of really bad advices for a CS/IT speciallist ...

"Don't worry about the complexity of the algorithm we will never have enough data for it to make too much difference." 

"It does not need to be secure, who would be interested in hacking it?" 

"It does not matter if you don't understand it, it works OK." 

"It is just one awkward user complaining." 

"Do not bother about updating the documentation, nobody will read it." 

"You can tart up the user interface post-release." 

"This is an ideal problem for [insert name of obscure programming language]." 

"It would be easier to write it ourselves rather than work out what they have done." 

"We could just change the standard protocol slightly." 

"Of course he can program, he has a Linux t-shirt." 

Honourable Mention: "Leave the back-up until tomorrow."

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